Platinum Cleanings - High Standards at a Fair Price
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Terms of Service

OUR CLEANERS: Our cleaning company works with independent domestic cleaners to clean different properties. These cleaners are therefore self-employed, and not employed by Platinum Cleanings.

DAMAGE: Platinum Cleanings does not take responsibility whatsoever for any damage, loss, expense, or arising from any act or omission committed by any cleaner. However, Platinum Cleanings will make an effort to work with competent people and no responsibility will be attached to this company as failure of the selection procedure. When you agree to use our services, you also agree to release Platinum Cleanings from any types of liabilities.

PAYMENTS: The client is responsible to pay Platinum Cleanings in full right after the work has been done, unless a written agreement has been established between both parties stating otherwise.

GUARANTEE & REFUND: If the costumer is not 100% satisfied with the cleaning service provided, Platinum Cleanings will make sure to clean properly the next time of visit. Platinum Cleanings does not offer any refunds for cleaning services provided.

CLEANERS SAFETY: For safety reasons the cleaners will not move or lift anything heavier than 30 kilos. If you require us to clean near or behind heavy furniture or other objects, please move these items before the cleaners arrive.

CLIENTS SAFETY: For your own safety, Platinum Cleanings will never provide any information about your house and their objects enclosed to a third party.

PARKING SPOT: The client must provide or facilitate a parking space for the cleaners to park free of charge. If not, parking fees will be charged to the client on the top of the service fee.

CLEANERS HIRE: The client will not independently hire cleaners who have had previous dealings with the client through Platinum Cleanings.